Prestige Nigeria Education Awards 2019: Creative Disruption

The organizers of the Prestige Nigeria Education Awards (PNEA) have announced the nominees for the 2019 edition of the awards which is themed “Creative Disruption” and called on the general public to start voting for the deserving candidates in various award categories.

It is time to celebrate and appreciate schools, individuals, organizations, institutions and brands that have through diligence, commitment and hard work achieved a feat worthy of reward and/or has contributed to the development of Education in Nigeria.

Debo Olowu, the Project Director and founder of Prestige Nigeria Education Awards, stated that there are new changes to the way the awards categories are structured this year.

 “This year, we separated the award categories into academic and non-academic categories. We believe education goes beyond the four walls of learning and it is everybody’s business because the state of a nation’s education is the reflection of the nation’s future. Education is critical in ensuring any nation’s success.” 

These are the award categories:


  • Best Primary School in Each Local Government in Lagos State For 2019
  • Best Secondary School in Each Local Government in Lagos State For 2019
  • Primary School in Lagos State For 2019 (Privately owned)
  • Best Primary School in Lagos State For 2019 (Government-owned)
  • Secondary School in Lagos State For 2019 (Privately owned)
  • Best Secondary School in Lagos State For 2019 (Government-owned)
  • Best Privately Owned University For 2019
  • Best Government-Owned University For 2019
  • Best Polytechnic For 2019


  • Most supportive organisation towards education
  • Most Educative TV programme
  • Most Educative Radio programme
  • Most supportive Bank towards education
  • The educational personalities of the year
  • Most Inspiring & Educative song of the year
  • Most Educative movie of the year
  • Comedian with the most Educative content
  • Most Educative Newspaper
  • Most Educative TV Station
  • Most Educative Radio Station

Debo said the educational sector is the bedrock of the Nigerian economy and a salient industry servicing every sector. He added that the prestige award is a call for us to treasure, bestow honor and recognition to bring about vibrancy, advancement and a spirit of competition to our educational sector by recognizing and rewarding those doing well in and for this sector. He said, “when people are recognized for their efforts, they will also continue in their desire to excel and do more.”

Voting has started and will end on Sunday 10th of November 2019. To see the list of the nominees and vote, visit The nominees’ profile will be available on

The official hashtags to join the conversation on social media are #PrestigeNigeriaEducationAwards  and #PNEA3.0


Debo added that as part of the new changes to 2019 prestige awards, for the first time there will be another set of awards for students and will no longer be combined with PNEA.

“The students’ version of the award is called “IGNITE NIGERIA STUDENTS AWARDS (INSA)” and it will be the biggest platform that celebrates hard work and the remarkable achievement of Nigerian students in various fields. The award will cut across Primary school, secondary school and higher institution.  We want students to inspire and ignite the fire in one another with their remarkable achievements and step up their games.  

Ignite award categories are:

  1. TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION WHIZ AWARD: These awards are for students/pupils that are innovative and technologically inclined and must have a project to show for it.   

ART CREATIVITY AWARD: These awards are for students/pupils that are very skilful in creative art and craft.

SCIENCE AWARD: These awards are for students/pupils that are very good at science subjects.

MATHEMATICS AWARD: These awards are for students/pupils that are very good in Mathematics.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE AWARD: These awards are for students/pupils that are very good in the English Language.

STAR STUDENT AWARD: This award is for student/pupil that is well known by virtue of his/her achievements in movies, music, etc and still remain in school to further his/her education in spite of stardom.

STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD: These awards are for students/pupils that are an inspiration and role model to other students by reason of their hard work and remarkable achievement in academics and social activities. Such students must be known to be well behaved in the school, create a balance between academics and social activities, holds a leadership position in the school and must have won laurels for the school.


Every nomination must come through the school. Winners will emerge from primary, JSS and SSS classes in each of the award categories.


To nominate your student/pupil for these two award categories follow the following steps:

  1. Visit,  click Nominate for Ignite Awards and fill the nomination form
  2. Take a video of your student/pupil explaining his/her work and Upload it using the following hashtags; #IgniteNigeriaStudentsAward, #INSA1.0, #PrestigeNigeriaEducationAwards #PNEA3.0 on your school Instagram handle, share on your school Facebook and Twitter page and follow us @prestigenigeriaeducationaward, @ignitestudentsaward on Instagram and @prestigeNig on Twitter  and so we can see the videos and also connect with your school on social media.  The text accompanying the video must carry the name of the student/pupil. You can only nominate a maximum of two (2) students for each category.

The winners of these categories will be determined by their performance in the Battle of Brains competition which will take place on Saturday 9th November 2019 at Yaba College of Technology. Visit to register your students for the competition or call 08020511863, 08066698095