PRESTIGE NIGERIA EDUCATION AWARDS (PNEA) is a high profile national platform birthed to inspire, engage and foster development of Nigeria’s educational sector. It is the first of its kind aimed at celebrating practitioners and stakeholders across Nigeria who have distinguished themselves through their practice thereby revamping hope back to this sector.

This event will bring together top personalities and major players in the educational sector in Nigeria. 

Why the Awards?

The state of a nation’s education is the reflection of the nation’s future. Education is critical in ensuring any nation’s success. From cradle to middle age the quest for education far outweighs the cost implication associated with it. With the spate of research and emergence of diverse kinds of educational institutions this sector engages and serves as the spine of the economy directly or indirectly.  Unfortunately, our system is not fully providing the resources that students need to unleash their creative instincts, thus the nation is forced to address economic and social consequences.

Studies have shown that a poor education can lead to a steep increase in criminal behavior, and the expense of incarcerating an individual greatly outweighs the cost of providing an education for the same person.

Having a strong education system produces economic gains for the nation as a whole; conversely the effects of having an inadequate, inequitable system drain our economy.

Furthermore, the educational system is the bedrock of our economy and a salient industry servicing every sector.  John Dewey said: “Education is not preparation for life: Education is Life,” and according to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

There is therefore need to keep the educational sector vibrant and attractive by rewarding the stakeholders who ensure the educational sector remains credible. Every sector in the country has had its own share of recognition but our Educational system struggles to stay afloat.  We believe together our efforts will bring about the positive change we crave for the educational sector.

So, the prestige awards is a call for us to treasure, bestow honor and recognition to bring about vibrancy, advancement and a spirit of competition to our educational system by recognizing and rewarding those doing well in and for this sector. This will make them happy, content and motivated and also encourage others. When people are recognized for their efforts, they will also continue in their desire to excel and do more.