1. Johnson Joshua Shallmizhili

    Baptist high school Jos is undoubtedly the best

    1. Chundusu Joseph Musa

      This is a non-contestible statement, Bappy-High is the best!!

    2. Ezekiel Chollom Dangida

      Baptist High School has always been the best and shall remain the best in Jesus name.

    3. Mary Johnson

      Surely the best

  2. Dadirep Mwanret Angel

    St.Louis college Jos is just the best school

    1. Kefas midong

      Tell them again abi should we loud it?

    2. Josephine B Gogwim

      St Louis College Jos is the best secondary school in jos


        Yes oo. Best sch in Africa

        1. Kalat Gandu

          Mos Def, unbeatable!

  3. Josephine B Gogwim

    Tell them again please or should we loud it. It’s just the best

  4. Adesina Akande

    Baptist High School has no rivals in Plateau State. The records speak loudly.

    1. Catherine Obiageli

      Louder please. Baptist high school it is always

  5. Gloria Olowolehin

    St Lous College….we lead and others follow.Louisville what a delicious experience

  6. Comfort Damisa

    Baptist High School Jos is the Gem


    St Louis college is officially the best school in Africa.
    Proud SLOGA. Are u proud???


    I love my school divas too

  9. Joan

    Saint Louis college has no rival…


      Yes you do. Our name is White Diamonds Academy💕

      1. Treasure Fua

        White Diamonds Academy is a place to be…with very high intellectually built kids…white diamonds academy is the best

      2. Ice Kabir

        Destiny madugu I love your confidence keep it up😘💯💯💋

  10. Gertrude piapkum

    Saint louis college Jos is indeed tge best.

    1. Susan umaru


  11. Adeshina Hannatu

    Baptist High School is full of Life and Light. The school is indeed the best. The school is still impacting and preparing students that will bring great transformation in Nigeria and the world at large.

  12. HAUWA Dauda Auta

    Baptist High School is the signature for all schools in Jos. Unbeatable always

  13. Chunwigwe Ann

    Baptist high school is the best

  14. Helen Nwabuwa

    St. Louis college, Jos is the best school in Nigeria.

  15. Patrobas Jelbis

    Well, all the the mentioned school s are good but bet me BAPTIST is good.

  16. Miriam Sallau

    Baptist High School, Jos. Is indeed Is the best with committed and dedicated staff holding into their vision and mission of academic excellence.

  17. Mariam Sokan

    St.Louis has always been the first.

  18. Dalis Reuben

    Baptist high school is the best in plateau state and Nigeria as a whole

  19. Rita

    Baptist high School Jos, indeed have no equal,is just the best.

    1. Udobi Blessing

      Baptist high school is the best secondary school in plateau state. Keep it up.

  20. Emeka I.

    Education has gone beyond just maths and english scores. Come to White Diamonds Academy and experience 21st century education – we have learners who already own companies that are making profit.
    We have learners with excellent communication and presentation skills etc

  21. Shizak Josephine

    St Louis college Jos, always the best …

  22. Daniel John

    As of date white Diamond is exceptional and outstanding in times of structure of learning

  23. Okechukwu ikedinachi

    White diamond is setting the pace. It is the best.

  24. Gaius Daan

    Baptist High School Jos always the BEST

  25. Chinwe

    St louis college Jos is the very best school ever

  26. Aliti Mathew Musa

    Baptist High School Jos is and still remains the most prestigious seconday school in Plateau State

  27. Akokotu Okuda

    White Diamonds Academy has always been the best.
    Her learners had won prizes in both national and other competitions annually

    1. KIMONO


      1. saviour

        you are wise

        1. Ice Kabir


      2. Ice Kabir


  28. Ogwobu famous

    White diamond acedemy is the best school in jos they are good in learner’s there are the best ever

  29. Lawrence Ikechuwkwu

    White Diamond Academy,is the best as long as African is concerned

  30. Assumpta

    White Diamond Academy is the best choice of school in Jos that any good parent can choose for their children quality education.



  31. blessing emmanuel

    St Louis has no rival. Simply the best

  32. Usaina

    White diamonds is the best school in plateau state



  33. Shannon Ishaya

    White diamonds is an exceptional school .No school has and could ever been compare to the standards of white diamond. As research has shown white diamond has the most mannered and neat students. They expose their students to the problems and help the society. If any one should check our records, you will see that white diamond has won so many competitions these year to prove the quality and excellence of the school . I don’t regret taking my child there

  34. Michael Nwokedi

    White Diamonds Academy is Best

  35. Abara Ben

    Kudos to White Diamond Academy, they’re simply the best.
    It’s the place to be if you need sound Education for your child

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