1. Osayemwenre Aimufua

    The best Primary school is Danbo International Primary School, Kaduna Kaduna..

    1. Sandie Saleh

      Nazareth schools are the best!

      1. Kate Aliyu

        Nazareth schools is the best.

    2. Ali HAMan

      I agree 100%

    3. Ali HAMan

      Agreed Danbo international school is the best.

  2. Moshood Balogun

    The best primary school is Danbo International school

  3. Agnes Akpata

    The best primary school is Danbo international primary school kaduna


    Danbo all the way

  5. Victory Eze

    Danbo International Primary School is undoubtedly the best in Kaduna!

  6. Louisa Iorshe

    It is DANBO for sure!

  7. Promise

    Danbo to the world best primary in Kaduna,

  8. Chikere Lucia A

    It is Nazareth for sure.

  9. Ben Maiye

    Dambo is the best primary school.
    She is the first among equal.💪💪👍👍

  10. Justyz Joe

    Nazareth School where you find Excellence in all ramifications

  11. Kamshinen

    Nazareth school great citadel of knowledge.

  12. Shyayet

    Nazareth is the best

  13. Shedrack (Balogun)charity

    Nazareth school is the best

  14. Stella Etta

    Nazareth school is the best in Kaduna state

  15. Sati

    Nazareth school is really the best in Kaduna. Because of their passion to raise generation that would make the world a better place for all to live in peace and love.

  16. Kasham katung

    Nazareth School has always been the best in the state because of its vision to raise children who would not only be academically sound but morally and spiritually educated. The school has previously been awarded by the state government and some prestigious organizations as the best school in the state.

  17. Jennifer

    Nazereth Schools or no other.

  18. Innocent Barminas

    Nazareth school kaduna is the best

  19. Mary lapyitmwa Gompil

    The best primary and secondary school in Kaduna is Nazareth Schools Barnawa, because it has all the equipment and condusive environment for best learning and an exceptional skills for learning too. Come and experience it yourself and see for yourself. Thank you.

  20. Edward Joshua

    Nazareth Schools is the best primary school in Kaduna state.

  21. Shedrack Sabo

    The best primary school in Kaduna is Nazareth school

  22. Amako Hanatu

    When it comes to choosing the best primary school in Kaduna, Nazareth schools lead and others follow.

  23. Shedrack Sabo

    Nazareth school for quality education.

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