1. Nike Ogunbanjo

    Very good Christian school

    1. Arit


      1. Abimbola Abiodun Oluseye

        Our best in everything

      2. Abimbola Abiodun Oluseye

        We are the best in everything

    2. Julia Fortune-Johnson

      LAGGS, a great school that promotes a safe, orderly and supportive learning environment. Each student’s self esteem is fostered by positive relationships enjoyed by students and staff.

  2. Omolara Sanya-Mathews

    . The school Motto “Our Best in everything” remains a baton for all. The Mission of the Proprietors (Anglican Communion) was to provide excellent education for the girl-child and to develop into a self-reliant lady and disciplined mother. The school has consistently churned out elites, that have had a positive impact to Nigeria. Having said this I was well trained and educated in this beautiful school which has discipline and empowers, vision, courage, good educational background and zeal in all subjects is a must, Contentment and self respect into us all and that is still an on going practice that is impacted into the girls. IT IS A SCHOOL YOU WILL LOVE TO SEND YOUR DAUGHTER FOR EXCELLENT QUALITY EDUCATION AS A STEPPING STONE FOR THEIR FUTURE. IT IS AN OPEN DOOR TO A GREAT CAREER TOWARDS THEIR FUTURE. Thank you

    1. Ogechi Onuobia

      Up girls !!! Up Laggs!!

  3. Ishie Omobola

    Very dedicated personnel. Well behaved and intelligent students

  4. Siobhan

    The Best Girls Secondary in Lagos. Well disciplined girls. School has maintained a very good standard in academics.

  5. Nkese Ebiana Iroakazi

    Lagos Anglican Girls’ Grammar School is the Best!
    Our Motto remains, “Our Best In Everything”

  6. Funke

    Our best in everything is the motto for Lagos Anglican Girls’ Grammar School. That’s what we know how to do……our best in everything

  7. Azeez Abiola

    Academically they have maintain almost 100% pass in SSCE exams. LAGSS is well known for zero tolerant for Indiscipline.

    1. Omotayo obadina

      LAGGS As we proudly call our alma mata gave me a solid and unshakable foundation on which my several achievements rests on. She brought out the best in me in everything , a citadel of outstanding learnings and great discipline. And till date she still maintains the top gear amongst schools in Surulere. I’m proud my parents made a great choice anyday!

  8. Moji Ahonaruogho

    Their watch word ” Our best in everything captures what the School stands for.Discipline.and.academic excellence encompassed.

  9. Moji Ahonaruogho

    Their watch word ” Our best in everything captures what the School stands for.

  10. Moji Ahonaruogho

    LAGGSS OUR BEST IN EVERY THING exactly what the School stands for

    1. Adeola Oteyiga

      Great ladies with excellent ethics

  11. Keji

    LAGGS academic record, excellent WAEC result and moral standard says it all.

  12. Chioma Enyiegbulam

    My amar mata,so much discipline in our days.

  13. Valerie Mbonu

    LAGGS! Best Secondary school ever!
    This school molded me into the woman I’ve become today.
    I hope we win this!
    Up School! Up Girls!

  14. Aderonke oboro

    Lagos Anglican girls grammar school is the best in surulere, our best in everything.

  15. Mojisola Funsho

    Our best in everything.

  16. OShaw Victoria uche

    Lagos Anglican Girls secondary school is best in everything! Up school!

    1. Chima

      Fountain heights forever winner school

  17. Itunu Olaniyan

    LAGGS is the best.

    1. Titilope Osiyemi

      My favourite aunt,I see you 😗😗


    It is a good idea and encouraging.

  19. Atinuke Gbadamosi

    A very good initiative. Well done!

  20. Eno Abiodun-George

    LAGGS is a school i am proud of any day anytime. The values are so on point. Always Well behaved.

  21. Stella Adetunji

    Lagos Anglican Girls’Grammar School, Surulere has produced the best of Purple Ladies,of which I’m one of them (1980 Set). It’s our 65th Founders’Day Anniversary in January 2020, and the school is thriving stronger and producing quality students in all human endeavours. It remains ‘Our Best In Everything’. That’s our school motto.

    1. Peace

      UP LAGGS,Our best in everything.Unbeatable and unstoppable girls.

  22. Toyin Olanrewaju

    Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School has maintained a very high standard with the expect to learning and extra curricular activities over the years and remains the best secondary school in that district till date.

  23. Mekwunye Rita

    Our best in Everything!

    1. Ebere Opara

      It remains our best in everything

  24. Yetunde Ladega

    Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School,Surulere was founded in 1955 to train girls to become women of substance.
    Academically, the School cert results has been over 95% pass rate for many years.
    The girls are always neatly dressed, well spoken and very respectful.

  25. Toyin Olanrewaju

    Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School has maintained a very high standard with respect to learning and extra curricular activities over the years and remains the best secondary school in that district till date.

  26. Jinadu adewunmi

    D very best school in d world

  27. oluwatosin adewale

    The best school ever is my school.
    Our best in everything. 🤜

  28. Nelly Adegun

    Top notch School with Excellency in delivery education and instilling discipline in Children.

  29. Sola

    The school is up to standard

  30. Bukola

    Our best in everything.

  31. Lola Olaide-Stephen

    Value cannot be paid for; aesthetics, manners, decorum & demeanour can’t be picked off the shelf. At Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar school,the girl child is transformed into a virtuous woman with superior intelligence and dignified carriage. “Our Best In Everything” the school motto says it all.

  32. Remi Oulare

    Attitude takes a girl from the platitude she is to the Altitude she desire. At Lagos Anglican girls grammar school, the girl child is is prepared with the skill,, information and the confidence required to be a better parent, worker and citizen thereby translating to Nation building translating to being our best in everything

    1. Titilope Osiyemi

      Remzo ,I see you…

    2. Titilope Osiyemi

      Remzo,I see you ..

  33. Lateefah Sewanu Adeyemi

    It’s a good school for girl with freedom of speech & movement with discipline, well equipped studying environment with good & trained educators. I’m proud to be an old student of the school.

  34. Oluyemisi Baruwa Rahman

    Lagos Anglican girls Grammar School has high standard and has continued to produce ladies of high intergrity who are excelling in various fields.The school motto ‘our best in everything’ plays a major role in propelling the ladies to put in their best and excel in various fields.

  35. Mojisola Oladipo

    This school has produced and is still producing the best in the land.
    It a school that equips females for life. A serene environment that instils academic excellence,morals and discipline to future leaders. Truly it inculcates “Our Best In Everything!”for every one that passes through it.

  36. Nwamaka Nwokeocha

    It’s a dream school every parents would want for their Girl child..Up school! Up girls

  37. Jumoke

    LAGGS remains the best in all good things (Academics, morals / social values etc)

  38. Uche Odina - Dike

    Always our best in everything….. Strong morals and discipline

  39. Omotunde Ojikutu

    Truly the best girls secondary grammar school in surulere district where girls are moulded into disciplined,virtuous, and intelligent women for the betterment of the society at large .It’s an all encompassing school which focuses not only on academics but the sum total of human existence. Indeed, the school motto “our best in everything ” comes to play and is imbued in every girl that passes through the school. I’m proud to be a product.

  40. Sophie

    LAGGS anyday. Up School!

  41. Ayo Lamina

    The best school with the Best output in terms of discipline, education and life skills

  42. simisola bankole

    Lagos Anglican Girls, The fountain of Knowledge. Always at our best in everything. The best school for every Girl child. Up school!

  43. Abosede oluajo

    Our best in everything (the best in academics, discipline and good morals…Up LAGGS.

  44. Grace Ben-Okezie

    Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School: Effective, good quality and excellent scoring school

  45. Arit Adeyemi

    LAGGS is known for her excellence and stands out among others with high quality and standard that has been set before now.
    It’s a school we love so well.

  46. sakinah

    Laggs is a very good school. It has produced well rounded girls over the years and this is what is still obtainable. The teachers are committed, the environment is very conducive you can’t ask for better option.

  47. Adebimpe Soboyede

    Our best in everything ,A school where were taught more about integrity ,well disciplined schoool

  48. Adebimpe Soboyede

    ,A school where were taught more about integrity ,well disciplined schoool

  49. Abosede Francis

    Our school motto: ‘Our Best in Everything’ reflects in everything members of the school does either old or current students. From the principal, down to the students in the lowest class in the school, we always thrive in everything we do. I implore you to attend our annual old student association UK chapter event and see what i mean. We are called LAGGSOGA UK, if you attend once, you’ll never want to miss it.

  50. Dada Yetunde

    Laggs is uniquely different, we put in our best in everything.

  51. Asake

    It remains the school noted for breeding intelligent amd independent ladies. The motto “Our best in everything” captures the attitudes of all ladies that attended the school.

  52. Nnenna Nwaka

    Our best in Everything remains the best in all the facets of life. My Almamater keeps churning out the best in morals, discipline, academic excellence and has prepared the girl child for the challenges of life for 64 years. Up School!!!!

  53. Bisi Fasanya

    The best femaschool in Lagos

  54. Dr.Mrs Susan Daramola nee OLOWOSUKO

    We are surely the best, the seeds sown in our lives have brought out great fruits in us in all ramifications. It is a school to praised

  55. Abimbola

    LAGGS is the best, intelligent, smart, disciplined student are raised. Everything we do we come out first. Our best in everything.

  56. Abimbola

    LAGGS is the best school you would want to send your girl child to where, intelligent, smart, God fearing, disciplined students are raised. We come out first in every competition we go for. Our best in everything!!!

  57. Esther

    LAGGS is a school where high moral standard is maintained. Our best in everything

  58. Aduke Obey

    Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School is a school that has left nothing to chance, The holistic approach of education was and still the order of her ethos; strong emphasis on academics, character development and grooming. These defined values still continue to thrive in our school today and like our motto says…Our best in Everything!

  59. Elizbeth

    I am proud to say I am a girl of substance, a girl of virtue and a girl of honour. I am honoured to be called a purple lady with high self esteem and value. Lagos Anglican Girls’ Grammar school is a dream school for every girl child. Up school! Up girls!!

  60. Bolajoko Akinlagun

    LAGGS as usually called,citadel of learning preparing Great Leaders in Every Area of Life.From inception Till now my school still remains Topmost.”Best in everything”

  61. Bisi Idowu-Jiboku

    Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School is the best place for future leaders, home builders and role models. Every child deserves the best in everything. Up School !

  62. jumoke adekoya

    our best in everything

  63. Chinenye Ironkwe Chundusu

    No better school to obtain a quality and well rounded education for girls; with exemplary and committed leadership.
    Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School …..our best in everything!!!

  64. Ore Ojofeitimi

    The motto is “Our Best in Everything” and that’s just how it is.

  65. Monsurat Sulaiman-Kazeem

    A school with dedicated teachers and disciplined students who are always thriving to give their best in all they do.

  66. Chinenye blessing umeh Nwagala

    I love Lagos Anglican Girls’Grammar School because it made me who I am today and has produced celebrities, dignitaries, top government officials, professionals in white collar jobs,great business ladies and well behaved ladies.

  67. Praise

    Lagos Anglican girls grammar school remains the best girls school in the whole of Surulere……



  69. Franchesca Adams

    Our best in everything …Up LAGGS. Great morals .academic level is 100%

  70. Ronke

    LAGGS, the best secondary school on the mainland, without a shadow of a doubt.

  71. Bolanle James

    A unique School with a different, shape a girl child to fit into a bright future and to be a responsible citizen. LAGGS our best in everything.

  72. bimbo bello

    📣📣📣📣Our Best in everything 😘 truely we were nutured to be the BEST.LAGGS.

  73. Ajike Temiloluwa

    Royalty and prestige, hard work and dilligence. Laggsog are outstanding everywhere they go. Our best in everything

  74. Titilope Osiyemi

    We are Anglican school girls this is the song we sing…..LAGGS was and is and will forever remain the best.
    How best in everything

  75. Nayo

    Our best in everything! Up school

  76. Deola

    Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School……. Our best in everything and a citadel of learning always thriving to be the best in all things and that’s why we remain TOPMOST

  77. Bambo Sotonwa Adeosun

    Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School.
    Up School!
    Our best in everything

    There no better all-girls school in Nigeria. You need to be there to know it is the truth!
    A school with solid tradition!
    Up School! Up LAGGS!

  78. Kikelomo Adetula

    Nothing compares, Our best in everything

  79. Winifred Mukoro


  80. Augustina

    LAGGS is the best so far so good up till date,our best in everything sch motto

  81. Dorothy Ogundaini

    LAGGS, an educational institution creating a well rounded developmental training to the girl child thereby laying the foundation for them becoming the ‘ QUINTESSENTIAL WOMAN’ bringing to life the School Motto:

  82. Adetomide oluwabunmi foluke

    Our best in everything, up girls!!!!! LAGGS is the best secondary in surulere.

  83. Tunde Sanya

    Trained for duty and for Thee is Birch Freeman high school’s logo.This is very true for our school produced one of formost , vibrant and efficient governor of Lagos State in the person of Babatunde Raji Fashola and in the late 70’s produced the television quiz champions ( The master mind) Mr Anthony Okosa And Dr. Rev Tunde Cris Joda. The school has also produced numerous great men in their chosen fields of endeavours . Our old boys association is very active and has contributed immensely to the development of the school.👏👏👏

  84. Funmi

    LAGGS, fountain of knowledge. Our best in every thing.

  85. Adefolu Adewunmi

    Up Girls! Up School!!
    Our Best In Everything!!!

  86. Dada Ajai-Ikhile

    I guess your slogan is meant to be…Celebrating…not celebration.


    LAGGS is simply the best


    LAGGS is best School.known for discipline, excellence academic performances and raising leaders who have contributed to the development of education in Lagos and Nigeria.The best school in Surprise is Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School.

  89. Olayinka kuteyi-Ogundemuren

    I am proudly LAGGS as my school is fondly called. I really thank God and my parents for sending me to a school where discipline and hard work is key. I was moulded in Laggs and I have sustained what the school infused into my system. If I have a female grandchild, she must go to laggs

  90. Yetunde Banjoko

    LAGGS remain the best school , always our best in everything

  91. Yetunde Banjoko

    Laggs remains the best school were high standards are still maintained.

  92. Nsibiet

    The best ever. So proud to be an Alumni of this prestigious school.

  93. Comfort Olutoyin Olusesan TIMOTHY

    OUR BEST IN EVERYTHING. The School built for girl education to bring out the best in everything each girl does. Strong morals and discipline.


    My best always in everything.
    Thanks to LAGGS .
    Taught me diligence and self esteem.
    Proud to have passed through this great school.

  95. Mercy

    LAGGS. Our best in everything. Up school Up girls.

  96. Adeadayo

    Up School, The best so far.
    Our best in everything.

  97. Adedayo

    The best so far.
    Our best in everything.
    Up school

  98. Adedayo

    The best so far.

  99. Abiodun Ige

    LAGGS fountain of knowledge producing the best since it’s establishment standard maintained.Up school!!!!!

  100. Leke

    Up Birch Freeman

  101. Gbemi Dawodu

    Lagos Anglican girls grammar school is a unique and outstanding girls’school in Nigeria. I’m so proud of being a product of the school. Our motto- Our best in everything motivates one to do her best in everything one puts her hand to.

  102. Grace Coket

    The School only settles for the best., hence the School LOGO reads ‘ Our Best In Everything ‘ . This short sentence says it all. A reflection of what the School stands for. It teaches students to believe in themselves and strive to bring out the best attitude,attribute and values of life. What else can a parent ask for in their children other than them giving in their best in whatever they do. This is what has made the Anglican Girls . Bringing in the Christian culture, values and norms to produce the best students ever.

  103. Precious

    Forever ‘my best in everything’
    Up LAGGS


    LAGGS raising role models. OUR BEST IN EVERYTHING

  105. David

    Fountain Heights Secondary School Surulere is an uncommon school. We Excell at Building the Best.

  106. Kayode Adeluola

    Fountain School , an institution synonymous with high standards. Churned out generations of excellent manpower .
    Kayode Adeluola

  107. Ebele

    Fountain all the way

  108. Dr Oluwabiyi Tolabo

    Fountain Heights a legacy school founded on core Christian values and academic excellence from over 40 years of experience and raising leaders and first class men and women who cut across every professional sphere globally,excelling in all exams both home and abroad and expanding the horizons of all the children who pass through them to make them the best they can be…..indeed no other school can compare in Surulere…indeed taking our future leaders TO GREATER HEIGHTS…..

  109. Moyo Abegunde

    To greater heights is the motto and the vision of Fountain Heights….as a parent and and an old girl I can attest to the amazing quality of education that was and still is being given in Fountain schools…very proud of the excellent legacy….up Fountain Heights….

  110. Adeolu Delano

    Best all round. 👍🏾

  111. Mrs Anayo-uzochukwu Nonyelum

    Fountain school made me to be proud of my Son, It is a most read and learn school. God bless the Teachers for me

  112. Mrs Tosin Omofuma nee Shittu

    Am proud to be the early set. I will always remember the grooming. Today people see you in me. I narrowly missed first class in covenant univ. My siblings are even much better educationally. Thanks. To greater heights 👍👊

  113. Yusuf zainab

    Fountain school is the best school in surulere as far as am concern the school is a disciplinarian school with good and qualify teachers

  114. Oludolapo Okulaja-Kotun

    We came from all backgrounds, near and far, yet we all blended. Our debating and drama club the best….our Choir of Angels, heavenly, was tutored by Ayo Bankole of blessed memory, we sang at the All African Games and were a regular feature on the Art Alade Show. We were taught by the best, that included our Maths Teacher, Pastor E.A. A.deboye and the famous Oyewole Twins. Who can EVER forget Miss Phillips/Mrs Olumide our no nonsense Principal, Baba Jollof our History teacher , Mrs Labode, Mrs Jibowu , Mrs Sharma and Papa, our School bus driver. So proud to have gone to LAGGS and am still enjoy friendships of almost fifty years that were formed and cemented there. Kudos to all……UP SCHOOL!!!

  115. Olowookere Elizabeth oluwapelumi

    It’s a wonderful and greatest school I’ve attended

  116. Adewuyi Temitope

    Fountain Heights excels at building the best.They do their best to bring out the best in their students.They imbibe their core values of honesty,integrity and industry in their students.

  117. mrs ijeoma

    i choose laggs

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