1. Olufunmi Dawodu

    I am passionate about Cindy Oaks, not only because my son is a pupil there, but because Mrs Ofunne, the Proprietress, is as goal driven and dedicated to bringing the best to her wards.

    I am yet to meet someone who drops everything to channel her wards in the direction of greatness and is never deterred.

  2. Fatima Adebimpe Sulaimon

    Cindy Oaks school !!! Raising whole citizen

  3. Hanifa Afolabi

    Cindy Oaks is undoubtedly the best school in the area..The value placed on their champs is top notch. They treat all kids with pure love and happiness. They instil the best in the kids under them. When and If I have a child,I will want him to be part of a great school like C.O.S

  4. Adedotun Osatuyi

    So my friend has been raving about this school many time, about their attention to details and how reliable and effective teaching is there, I always take the chat as a mere talk until I sent my kids there for summer and after summer I had to enroll my kids there immediately. It’s a school that truly values education and what it stands for.

  5. Damilare

    I Have a niece in Cindy Oaks and we’ve never regretted putting her in the school… I’ve met with couple of their teachers and I can say that they’re well educated. I also want to say a very big thank you to Ms Hanifa Afolabi for always checking up and taking care of my niece, I and the entire family really appreciate your efforts.

  6. Soneye Abisola

    I went to one of the best schools (Grace schools) and also want the best for my kids as well. I enrolled my son at Cindy oaks with the initial intention of just having somewhere to while away time before enrolling him in a proper school (so I thought). After his first term at condy Oaks, I saw alot. Is it Cindy Oaks syllabus, teachers, conducive environment, the love showered on the kids or the humility of the owners of the wonderful school? I said to myself this is the PROPER school.

  7. Idemudia Rowland O

    If you want a school that teach Montessori in a well and perfect curriculum for your kids..visit cindy oak. They are the best. They get your kids involve and bring them up to speed within a short time. Have seen alot of schools but cindy oak is different. Learning environment is impressive, upto date information to the parent through various means of communication.The school management is superb. My son is always happy to go to school everyday. Its just like your child is schooling in America

  8. Mmaete O.

    I don not have a ward at Cindy Oaks but I know her Head of school. Never seen anyone so passionate about a vision and chasing it with all she has got.
    She thinks success of her wards first, not just educationally but in its entirety; health, welbeing, grooming, condusivenes and all.
    She sacrifices a lot to ensure the children get all that is required and I wish C.O.S a good success here.

  9. Alamu Abayomi

    there track records speaks for them.. keep it up guyz

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