1. Kabirah

    Pls I would really appreciate it if you can vote for keystone college Lagos because it is an amazing school and a very nice school thank you 🙏🏼❤

    1. Ibrahim

      Yes oo

  2. Omo yetunde Halimah Bakare

    Jufradol College!
    As the name implies! It’s the great foundation for the young leaders of tomorrow. It’s such a great and amazing school where you get to learn different creativities. Culture,Art exhibition, quiz Nd debates competition ecetera!
    I’m a proud product of Jufradol College and I have attain my degrees at a very young age due to the fact that I have a strong educational background!
    The teachers are highly amazing, their teaching techniques, moral lessons etc.

  3. Shodipo Faruq

    Jufradol College! Am a product of jufradol college and I can boldly say jufradol is the best school in Lagos island and a great and amazing school where you learn a lot❤️❤️❤️

  4. Muiz buhari olalekan

    Vote for jufradol high school at one of the best ever in Lagos island💎💓💯💯🚀

  5. Khadeeja Balogun

    Jufradol deserves to be crowned the best on lagos island,i am a product of jufradol and everywhere i go people are amazed by who i have become,all thanks to jufradol that taught us that education is an essential but without intelligence education is nothing, after i graduated in jufradol i took started my makeup profession now i am a professional,and entrepreneur and a psychologist in making all thanks to jufradol!

  6. Akin oluwatobiloba

    It is a lovely school were kid have sound education

  7. Oshidina balikis Omotoyosi

    I think Jufradol college is the for this award because am I a product of jufradol college and am not saying they deserve the award because am an ex student but am saying it based on experience from the school

  8. Oshidina balikis Omotoyosi

    I think Jufradol college deserves this award

  9. Adebayo Lanre

    Jufradol is a fantastic school which need to be appreciated. Keep on voting for Jufradol.

  10. Jose

    Vote for jufradol college because we gain more experience

  11. Oladipo olasunkanmi

    Jufradol is strictly a school meant for exhibiting the inner education out of relented child which is the major needful to the present century . I joined this school to gear up this motor where it been proved that “there is no dull child but only a dull teacher” and the quote is effectively justifying till date.

  12. BAKARE mistura

    Jufradol is the way ,the school is one of the greatest school amognst all,they breed leaders,am a proud alumni of jufradol college

  13. Salami Omowunmi

    Jufradol all d way… m proud to be a product of the school

  14. Fikayo

    Brilliant ideas college is the best school in Lagos island, so therefore,please do vote for Bic

  15. monsurat

    Brilliant ideas college has been a great school in lagos island and I think it should be the winner

  16. Elegbede Matthew

    “Jufradol College”
    The school, jufradol College has being the only school in Lagos island promoting Nigerian Culture by emphasizing the teaching of values of Nigeria Culture in it’s students using pragmatic approach…
    Also, the school has produced many young students who are now
    young graduates with good grades by following them up to their higher institutions…
    If Jufradol College is taken to be the best school in Lagos island,it is highly justified…

  17. Ibrahim

    Keystone college all the way

  18. Muminat

    Keystone college is a great school with qualified teachers and a conducive teaching environment for students to learn and understand what they are taught by their teachers. Like the motto “Moulded for Excellence”,they mould students for excellence. I know keystone has all the qualities of winning best secondary school in Lagos island. Please vote for Keystone College. #keystonecollege.

  19. Adekunle sekinat adebisi

    Jufradol is a good school,my kids attend Jufradol and i have never regret sending them there.

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