1. Oyegbile Ninuoluwanimotinsola

    Long live my alma mater….Anatole Nursery and Primary School
    A school were children are well groomed-spiritually, morally, emotionally and socially.
    Kudos to Anatole

  2. Joseph A Oyegbile

    Anatole Nursery and Primary School remains the best among the others. Kudos!!!

  3. Somasu Sandra

    Anatole School; the best yet.

  4. Amos Sunday

    Anatole the great

  5. Mercy Chibuike-Iheama

    Soar higher Anatole. The Lord that teaches us is with us.

  6. Adeleye comfort

    Anatole Nursery and primary school remains the best.

  7. Ishaku Azi

    Best school Anatole

  8. Gboyega Samuel

    Anatole Nursery and Primary School remains the best. Our children are taught by the Lord.

  9. Bunmi daramola

    Always best we shall remain.Up Anatole.A school with academic excellence.

  10. Brenda Olufunsho samuel

    I am blessed to have my children @ Anatole. Where children are taught by the Lord.

  11. Dr Nubi

    Great school with God fearing staffs and sound moral background. Raising giants and setting the standars.

  12. Olugbodi Bart

    ANATOLE SCHOOL is driven with moral and Academic Excellence. Kudos!!!

  13. Olusegun Akeredolu

    The measure of a school’s success should not be in the beautiful building gs alone but more on the values and character of their outputs. I think Anatole has done extremely well in teaching but academic and gdy characters on their students. Please keep us the good work. More blessings

  14. Mrs Osag

    Anatole school is the best.

  15. Ikwo

    Anatole nursery and primary school provides children with up to date training in a condusive environment.

  16. Adesola oduntan

    Anatole school is Great, all of my children passed through them, all of friends children passed through and they are doing great, i recommend them as the best school in lagos

  17. Eze Queendaline

    Anatole Nursery and primary School is still the best and will always be the best among others. Kudos to great Anatole.

  18. Adesola Demola

    Anatole school is Great, all of my children passed through them, all of friends children passed through and they are doing great, i recommend them as the best school in lagos

  19. Akinfemisoye Mrs

    ANATOLE school is a place to be . proudly ANATOLE, keep on flying

  20. Victor Adesola

    I was a product of Anatole, am doing great in my school currently, I recommend Anatole.

  21. Odara James

    Anatole, taught by the Lord

  22. William

    Anatole remains the bestđź’Ş

  23. Priscilla Odara

    If not Anatole School, then no other school. I love Anatole conducive learning environment.

  24. Akinfemisoye Mrs

    We are for ANATOLE school. Keep on flying, heaven is your limit . Up ANATOLE school

  25. Atanaruno prosper

    Anatole is d best

  26. Adesola ayodeji

    If you are looking for school that grooming children morally and spiritually Anatol is the one. Kudos to Anatol.

  27. Akinfemisoye .A.

    ANATOLE school am proud of you. Keep on flying heaven is your limit .

  28. Gbemisola .R.

    Anatole school has a friendly and caring environment that encourage pupils learning and development.

  29. Goodness

    Anatole school products are the best

  30. Adekemi Oluwatoyin

    I am pleased with my children’s progress in Anatole school.

  31. Mrs Ejomah Godsfavoure

    Anatole School is the best school . Our children are taught by the Lord.

  32. Morayo

    Long live Anatole.

  33. Olagoke

    So far so good,am pleased with Anatole school,indeed taught by the Lord!

  34. Bto. Akin Olumuyiwa

    Seriously impressed by these comments and compliments. Keep it up

  35. Oderinde Olatundun

    Anatole school is great indeed. The pupils are well groomed both in character and learning. Taught by the Lord.

  36. Aremu Olusegun

    The Anatole have teachers that are qualified and intelligent.

  37. ICJOY

    Anatole’s products are great.kudos to Anatole nursery and primary school.

  38. Mrs Blessing Alu

    Anatole! The best of all schools!I’m proud to be an Anatolian! The only school where godly morals and upright education can be given to your kids! God bless anatole! Amen!!!

  39. Ikeola Emmanuel

    Anatole,best school

  40. Evelyn Ogbeide

    Anatole remains the best


    Anatole ride on.

  42. Chibuzo Oshunlana

    Anatole you shine brighter and fly higher among your equals. I have no regrets taking my children there.
    We love you!

  43. Bamidele-Lucas Iyabo

    Anatole, a school with balanced education. Moulding corruption free leaders.

  44. Ayanfe Bamidele-Lucas

    Anatole! Securing the future of Nigeria.

  45. Mrs. Bamidele

    Anatole, where great minds are moulded.

  46. Yomi Oluremekun

    Anatole the bestest of them all

  47. Mrs Adetayo

    Kudos to you for your great work. God is our strength up school up Anatole the best of others.

  48. Abiola Adesola

    Anatole is the best

  49. Omamerhi Augoye

    Anatole the shinning star

  50. Mrs Ejomah

    Anatole school is the best.

  51. Adoghe Austin

    Anatole is the Best school

  52. Godsfavuor Mrs

    Anatole school the Best in the Are

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