1. Oluchi okafor

    I know the best secondary school in ibeju lekki is LAURASTEPHENS SCHOOL.
    That school is second to none.
    Vote wisely

  2. otega

    I have voted in terms of quality education and proper attention to the child’s need. Not on attributes of how big the school is. Communication with parents are print plans real time. Compared to schools I have heard about and moved my son from.

  3. otega

    Cool for Laura Stephens

  4. otega

    The idea behind the school is awesome and thebteachers are good. Administration is quality

  5. Odom nnaemeka

    Best secondary school in my area

  6. Tope Asepo

    Best school have ever heard of in Ibeju lekki

  7. Chidinma sky

    It’s first to non… Laurastephens school is 20 and still counting…. Welldone guys

  8. Okeke Elizabeth

    Laurastephens school is the best school for any parents looking to teach moral and educational values to his /her kids ….i bet you its the best you can find in ibeju lekki

  9. Femi

    For morals , discipline in love, academic excellence, spiritual and social development, self reliance. Albesta Academy is the place to put your child and close your eyes

    1. Modupeola Osunde

      Yes, I agree 100% with your position. In terms of academics too, the school is very impactful
      All hail Albesta

  10. Folorunso

    Albesta Academy is a great school where academic and morals strike balance.

    1. Ebele

      I agree with you.

  11. Adegbite Segun Michael

    Albesta Academy is the best school I’ve ever seen around IBEJU-LEKKI. When you talk of teaching, the teachers there are the best.
    It has the best learning environment.
    Their interpersonal relationships is superb.
    The fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom is instilled in the children to becoming great leaders of their generation.

  12. Elder

    Albesta Academy is the place

  13. Imhanbor Thompson

    Albesta Academy is a school where great achievers ate raised. I recommend it to any parent who desire a colourful blend of moral and academic excellence. Kudos!!!

  14. Nsima Amenyawu

    Albesta academy is the best, morally, socially, physically academically, spiritually albesta academy is the best.

  15. Temitayo Balogun

    A good initiative I must say. I voted for Albesta Academy. It’s a school with high moral standard and academic excellence. The school is well structured and the teachers are awesome!

  16. Adelusi TA

    There’s no doubt about it that the best secondary school in Ibeju lekki is Albesta Academy.In terms of academics,morals, sport etc Albesta is there

  17. mathew ojugo

    Albesta is the best school in ibeju their academic performance is excellent

  18. Ezihe obed

    Albesta academy is the best secondary school in ibeju lekki

  19. Jones oluwatobiloba

    albesta is a school of integrity and moral standards.
    So if you are looking for a school I suggest albesta academy.

  20. Ajadi Nike

    Albesta Academy has it all in quality education,moral education,neat and conducive learning environment and above all the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom.
    My vote is for Albesta.
    All best stars.

  21. Olufunke Abioye

    Albesta Academy is a school known for excellent performance, good morals and committed to bringing out the best in every student

  22. Olumide Titilola

    ALBESTA is the best all round school in Ibeju Lekki, with a unique mentoring programme that you can’t find else where. ALL BEST STARS…

  23. Abe Modupe

    Albesta Academy is the best Secondary school in Ibeju Lekki. It takes pride in turning out excellent graduates without compromising integrity with, quality education at an affordable fee . Using experienced , dedicated and motivated staff, adequate infrastructure facilities, hands on laboratory/workshop equipment for practicals, conducive environment. It has efficient and effective school management and organization second to none in Ibeju Lekki. Bravo! All Best Stars

  24. Ms. Ure

    Albesta is the best please. In both teaching & caring for the students,they’re top notch. God bless the principal, admin & teachers for being effective surrogate parents while our kids are in their care.

  25. Temitope

    Albesta academy is school where Stars are raised and nurtured to be Best Starsđź‘Ť

    1. Eno Udoh

      Eno Udoh
      Albesta academy is a school where all best stars are trained and sent out to explore . Also they are spiritually and physically balanced . Thump up for my best school ever.

  26. Temitope

    Albesta academy is a school where stars are raised and nurtured to be best Stars

  27. Adebamiji Kayode

    Albesta academy is vvthe best school in Ibeju Lekki.

  28. Adebamiji Kayode

    Albesta academy is the best school in ibeju lekki.

  29. Bella Nartey

    Albesta Academy is the BEST in every aspect, excellence is their Goal

  30. Wale Akinsanya

    The school adminstration is one In town,well coordinated and academic pursuit is very paramount. Student -teacher relationship is excellent and school -parent relationship is cordial. All best stars!

  31. Wale Akinsanya

    In moral, academic excellence and Godliness Albesta is the best…


    If you want a holistic and copacetic all-found education witout compromise of integrity, ALBESTA ACADEMY is the only choice. All Best Stars!

  33. Ayoola Oluwatosin

    Albesta academy is a very good school where education is highly standard.


    Albesta Academy is second to none.A school where academic excellent performance and Godliness are outstandingly balanced.

  35. Ajiboye Gbenga

    ALBESTA ACADEMY is the school of first choice,the best and a must be school for any child nation wide..Keep Shining……(ALBESTA ACADEMY LEKKI)……..In summary,(Albesta Academy is the best in Ibeju Lekki)

  36. Adekunle Oyebola

    Indeed ALL BEST STARS are rare to find in the entire Ibeju-Lekki and environments except Albesta Academy. An institution where Godly and well respected leaders are been raised. Albesta Academy Lekki the sky is your limit, keep shinning and bouncing in the Lord with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Thumps up for the best school so far in Ibeju Lekki!!!


    All the student of Albesta are stars because they have best and quality teaching as the name implied “ALL BEST STARS”

  38. Emone Favour

    Albesta Academy is a school like no other in our community. The best place to be and the best people to meet. The maker of great achievers. That’s my school, Albesta Academy- ALL BEST STARS

  39. Nkpa Augustina

    Albesta Academy is the perfect school for Academics, spiritual up bringing , good behavior in ibeju Lekki.

  40. Caleb's parent

    Albesta is the best.if your child comes home with an A am proud to say the child will defend it because she studied for it. Morals is best. Godliness is excellent. Am proud to be a parent of All best stars

  41. Judith Odimegwu

    Albesta is simply epic and the best. It grooms their student in such a way that you’d be amazed!!!🙌🙌🤗


    In Albesta Academy, we are mind moulders, mediocre transformers, positive thinkers, great achievers. We are ALL BEST STARS.

  43. Izidor O.J

    As a parent/guardian, you want the best for your children/wards.. Albesta Academy remains the best solution amongst solutions, grooming your children/wards all round,and impute good morals.

  44. Oluchi Orji

    Albesta Academy is a school of high moral standard,integrity,academic excellence,God-fearing,probity.Just to mention but a few.Albesta! Unbeatable!!.

  45. Linda Ajuwa

    Albesta Academy is one of the best school you can drop your child and go home and sleep comfortably. In Academics, Excellent, Morals, fantastic, spiritual, you can’t compare and Godliness the students are wonderful. Go shine all best star.

  46. Favour

    Albesta Academy remains the best in molding the lives and minds of students in Nigeria. Its standards remains unbeatable as all spheres in educational upbringing are covered. Up all best stars!!!


    If you want a holistic and copacetic all-round education without compromise of integrity, ALBESTA ACADEMY is the only choice. All Best Stars!


    ALBESTA Academy is the best and remains the best,all their facilities are in best form.


    ALBESTA iAcademy is the best and remains the best always,their facilities are in best form.

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