The environment, academic staff and students are top notch


      There’s no beating Holy Child College. The teachers are dedicated to raise a total child; academically, morally, socially and spiritually. They have consistently maintained high standards

      1. bolaji

        very correct nd much more..Holy Child College it is..no doubt


    Holy Child College has consistently graduated highly flying students in the past years and maintained very excellent moral, academic and spiritual standards.

    1. Minema Uko

      Yes. Always proud of my school, Holy Child College, South West Ikoyi, Lagos.

    2. Claire Adelabu Abdulrazak

      Holy child college has been consistent in producing excellent results, maintaining high moral principles, an excellent learning environment, with facilities for recreation and sports.

    3. Edith Offiong( Ekaete Efiok)

      Yes, forever proud of my HCC.

  3. Deborah Aligbe

    Holy Child College is a very disciplined school.

  4. Mrs Ify Enyinna

    Holy child raise a total child in terms of moral, academic and social skills.

  5. Chioma Ezeji

    I am voting for Holy Child College for the prestige Nigeria Education awards.

    1. Goldenflorence

      Holychild college is leading in producing both moral, spiritual and educated children both in the past and now, their standards has not changed.

  6. Richard Oladejo

    Great learning environment

  7. Zainab

    Very nice school

  8. Okpe Josephine

    Very good school, have graduated two girls from there ànd are doing well.

  9. Azuka Izunobi

    St Gregory college has continually upgraded their school academics standard and learning environment.
    The school management is highly professional and this is translating into outstanding students performance.

  10. Charles Egbe

    Great school good environment for learning and discipline

  11. Ibiyemi Eunice Atinuke

    Holy Child College has consistently graduated highly flying students in the past years and maintained very excellent moral, academic and spiritual standards.
    Nice learning environment

  12. Rev. Sr. Christiana Olagunju, SHCJ

    Great school. Home away from home.

  13. Chinwendu

    Holy child college remain the best

  14. Caroline Ogbaji

    A great citadel of learning! Where the innate ability and talent of each student is harnessed.
    HCC believes in the wholesomeness of the girl child.

  15. Felix Chiedu

    Holy Child College is a citadel of learning in all ramification. She has consistently maintained a high academic standard and has greatly impacted good ideals and morals on their students

  16. Mojisola Akpojiyovbi

    Well managed school. Curriculum has been designed to support student achievement.

    Environment is serene and conducive for student learning

    School staff engages well with parents and encourage them to be involved

    Facilities are modern and functional

  17. Anthonia Anthony

    Good products from HCC

  18. Irene Iwerebon

    Holy Child College combines education and wellness of the child. I vote for this school because they continue to keep up with changes, current curriculum and technology to ensure success of the students.

  19. Christiana Bamijoko Buko

    I have the assurance that Holy Child is a complete School. It trains you to be an all round woman. I chose Holy Child

  20. Mercy Ugbada

    Holy Child College is the best school

  21. Eileen Fafowora

    Holy Child College has been consistent in Academic excellence and instilling Good moral values and discipline on the students. I am proud to be an ex student.

  22. Peter Imoh

    A wonderful place to train up a child with sound academic and moral track record.

  23. Bukola Ogunlaja

    Holy Child College is simply the best. Over the years they still retain both academic and moral excellence. Kudos to management and staff.

  24. Ibironke Odusanya

    Great Holy Child. Action not words!

  25. Olayemi Marinho

    Holy Child College is a citadel of learning couple with the attainment of higher production of students who have distinguished themselves in different shades of lives. I can vouch for any day. Two of my sisters are products of HCC.

  26. Irene Tolani

    Holy Child College has maintained a high academic standard, has excellent learning facilities,conducive environment, management team, teachers, and students.

  27. Victoria

    The Riverbank School over the years has high standards and it is a place to send your children to. The place where excellence is been portrayed. Children perform very well in their international and national exams and children are taught of the Lord. Also,if you want your children to be great in soorts this where they should be . The number one in Lagos

  28. Adewole Elizabeth

    Holy Child a great learning environment coupled with excellent teachers impacting knowledge

  29. Femsax

    You may not get the right submission if you’ve not visited all the nominated schools. I’ve been privileged to visit almost all the nominated school and I can rightly inform you that THE RIVERBANK SCHOOL is second to none for quality and standard educational activities. THE RIVERBANK SCHOOL

  30. Maduka

    Holy Child College has well trained teachers that groom students into discplined intellectuals.

  31. Omoleye Lawson

    Holy Child College, the perfect school for a solid academic foundation.

    1. Olayinka Shitta-Bey

      Holy Child College is my choice. indisputably a School that has always epitomised discipline, etiquette and high moral standards. It has produced many students who have reached the peak of their careers. A Roman Catholic School in all ramifications. It’s just the best

  32. Iwajubu Femi Tobi

    The covers all learning standard, morals, discipline, academic excellent top-notch, team play, uniting sets, builders of role models, above all, in area of INTRINSIC and EXTRINSIC (i.e Formal and Informal), EDUCATION, it’s worthy to behold. God bless St Gregory’s college.

  33. Imeh Sunday Sam

    There is no beating Holy Child College here. What are you looking for to train a girl child acedemically, mentally, spiritually, socially, psychologically, etc. Just name it, she got it!
    Her exemplary students/graduates lifestyles speaks for her.
    I love my HCC. #proud alumnae #proud old girl


    A Great School of more than 75years of existence.
    Sound Education with 21st Century teachers .
    A serene atmosphere for learning .
    A perfect school for your girl child

  35. Richmonda Nsikan

    Holy child college builds a total child and the best

  36. Akinjobi Hannah

    Meadow Hall school the place to excel with their core value 7Cs.
    The best school in Lagos.

  37. Olawale Joseph akerele

    Meadow Hall college is a Great school with lots of Great value

  38. Chika Nkwo

    Holy Child school has always been good From day one. Kudos to them. I have no regrets sending my children to Holy Child School to study.

  39. Adebola

    Holychild College has been consistent in maintaining very high moral and academic standards over the years. The school repeatedly churns out topnotch academic performance in exams. Kudos to the management!!!

  40. Mrs Rose Chiedu

    Holy Child College has maintained a high academic and moral standard over the year. The environment is serene and conducive for learning


    Holy Child College is a TOTAL SCHOOL, where girls are given education in all spheres of life….. spiritually, academically, socially and in sports thereby culminating in bold, determined and purposeful girls.
    A sure place for your children.

  42. Patricia Olufunmilayo

    Holy Child College has keeps aspiring to setting standards in education that other institutions aspire towards.

  43. Ifionu Williams

    Holy child is the best school in Lagos, tested and trusted

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