1. Adenuga oluwatosin

      The foreshore school gives better learning, develop their skills which increase their knowledge and a conducive place to be.

      1. Lawal Yussuf Aderemi

        The good teacher is playing in the role of knowledge impact of life

    2. Mrs Sarumi

      Unilag women society school is the best of the best. The education value is all round.

      1. Onabanjo


    3. Ezinne

      Role Model School is an exceptional school as they do not just deliver in academics but in character. It is a school very big in teaching values and truly living upto it’s name of raising role models.

      1. Doyinsola Olaleye

        The model the students well

    4. Honeyland

      Honeyland school is the best

      1. Olonade Rosemary

        Honeyland schools is the best school in Lagos state.

      2. Somotun bukola Funmilayo

        Honeyland is best school

        1. Dr. Abdlrazaq Shittu

          Yes, with world class curricular in both cadres of their school with equally well trained facilities.
          I have been on the trails of Honeyland Group of schools for about two decades now.

          1. Dr. Abdlrazaq Shittu

            Yes, with world class curricular in both cadres of their schools with equally well trained faculties.
            I have been on the trails of Honeyland Group of schools for about two decades

      3. Mrs. Awolesi(Ariori Aminat)

        Honeyland school should be rated the best school of the year because of all the outsanding teachings impacted in the pupils/students, social and moral values, condusive environment amongst others.

        1. Wole Ajibade

          Very true, their pupils have independent knowledge to face any academic pursuits, we have bounds of testimonies we can’t share in the public space but try and enroll your wards with their nearest schools and you will thank me later.

          Honeyland is unique in what they do

      4. Damilola

        Honeyland school is simply the best. They bring out the best in kids and groom them to become leaders.

      5. Mrs Akindolire Sarah

        Yes Honeyland school is the best in Lagos state,learning is superb, extracurriculars they are number one especially when they go for inter school competition,recently they came first in the spelling-bee competition in Nigeria and also going to represent Nigeria for the international competition in Dubai importantly they are increasing in strength daily, presently we have six branches in Lagos

      6. Mrs Olagunju Mojisola

        I will choose HONEYLAND over and over again…. Neatness,polite,the student are respectful,studies are on points…. HONEYLAND brought out the gift of my kids,not only thy they make them know their right as a girl child…. I LOBE HOMEYLAND SCHOOL 💚

      7. Fatai atoyebi

        Honey land school is the best school in Lagos state

      8. Titilayo Ogunesan

        Honeyland impact knowledge in a Godly and Standardized way.


        Honeyland Montessori is the best in terms of caring, teachers, learning and activities, all this are amazing quality you can’t find in any school.

    5. George promise

      Honeyland schools is the best school in Lagos state.

    6. Adewale olajumoke

      Honey land school is the BEST of the best 👌.

    7. Ibrahim Abidemi

      Honeyland Montessori school is a school where we impact adequate knowledge to young Champs
      Here in Honeyland we attract Children from Nations, whereby returning Leaders to Nations
      Great Honeyland shall live!!

    8. Jennifer Ekugo

      Honeyland is the best school this is were the best teaching is on morals and education the school works so hard.you will love the school

    9. Tayo Adesanoye

      The Foreshore school is exceptional. They are up to date with their teaching methods. Kids here will end up being at par with their foreign students in terms of knowledge, technology. In other words, kids here get a formal, well rounded education.

    10. Via Catherine

      Honeyland school is the best school

    11. Adesanoye Ayomiposi

      Honeyland schools is the best,
      Honeyland… Attracting children from Nations, retuning leaders to Nations.

    12. Oluwaseun

      HONEYLAND MONTESSORI remains the BEST. They are outstanding in what they do. Attracting children from nations and returning Leaders to nations. Conducive environment, qualified, vast, brilliant, deligent, disciplined and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff.

    13. Adeleye A A


    14. Mr saheed oke

      Supreme education foundation gives you quality education in British standard ,with serene environment and quality facilities to reckon with the best of teaching staff, lets give it to them,they are the best.

      1. John Owoyele

        Yes Supreme Education Foundation School is the bast school in lagos state

  1. Kiorra-Melvyn Fortune Mamuyovwi

    Great work keep it up

  2. Laz Anikwe

    Very outstanding school in terms of quality teaching and child development

  3. Kukoyi Jochebed Avweroghene

    Brook Stones best brains school, learning is fun there … I have tried various schools and this is the 1st time ever my kids enjoy learning… Teachers are always ready to support

  4. Olamma olugu Nwokeocha

    Brookstone school the best school for the child u Love

  5. Chinelo Lemeh

    Brooke Stones Group of Schools

  6. Echeng John Enang

    Brookstones is a School with a difference

  7. Shileola Olarotimi

    A very good school

  8. Sunday dorcas Ada

    Brook stone is a good school

  9. Chinenye Ezeowuachusi

    The best in education and partnership with both teachers and parents

  10. Uzochukwu chiamaka

    Best school I can boost of in this lagos state. Brookestone Group of schools



  12. Mrs chukwuma precious

    Brook stones group of schools remain the best nursery and primary school in Lagos.

  13. Mariam Orun

    Best school in Lagos State

  14. lemuel iyalla

    I have experienced University Of Lagos Women Society Nursery and Primary Primary School, and I attest that it should be chosen as the best for this award.

  15. lemuel iyalla

    I vote Ulws.

  16. Lanre Aromire

    This is laudable, it will boost morale of staff members and pupils to do more to be the best.

  17. Owodunni Ayodimeji I

    ULWS is nominated for the prestigious BEST N/PRY SCHOOL in Lagos

  18. Oluseyi Aderinto

    ULSW is simply the best, the environment, the personel, the innovation and their warmth is second to none

  19. Adejoke Titilola Ayoola

    I am nominating University of Lagos Women Society Nursery and Primary School as the best in Lagos state because of their academic excellence

  20. gbemisola adeosun

    The foreshore school is one of the best in British education in Nigeria with over 15 years of experience, commitment, dedication, cleanliness. The school maintains high standards in all key areas of delivering the foremost quality education in Nigeria.

  21. Ayodele Aro Johnson

    The school is the best in our locality with Well patient and relax teachers.

  22. Jose Fako

    The school is well organised and our children feels at home

  23. Mrs. Obigha Ebidoumini Rachel

    University of Lagos women Society Nursery and Primary school is the best school for pupils because it’s has high standards, they have quality teachers that teaches pupil’s and good learning characters.

  24. Adebisi Adeniyi

    The School has produced great men and women whose impacts are ubiquitous in the Society, Lagos State, Nigeria and the World. The School has been parading qualified teachers whose teaching have not deviated from churning out students who are creative, confidence, bold; and children who are obviously regarded as the pride of their generation.

  25. Kenneth Agbamuche

    Unilag women Society Nur/ pry school

  26. Cummy Tebhon ummya

    Great school.

  27. Titilayo Olanrewaju

    The foreshore school is to be reckoned with they have good teachers,the classes are well ventilated and conducive for learning.

  28. Ade-David Olowo

    Possessed serene place for students

  29. Adeyinka OWODUNNI

    I am nominating University of Lagos Women Society Nursery and Primary School as the best in Lagos state because of their academic excellence, their attention to details and their track record.

    This is why the students there win awards every time the compete with other students in the State.

    Each child is an individual with a customised care plan. I salute the ULWS SCHOOL MANAGEMENT team. Thanks for all you do.

  30. AWOSANYA Monsurat

    I vote ULWS

  31. Olowofela Folashade

    University of Lagos Women Society School is a very competitive school, they produce the best brains, first class seasoned teachers who are ever ready to assist their pupils attain EXCELLENCE. Their work speaks for them in competitions. I recommend ULWS.

  32. Shakirat Otokiti

    Ulws is nothing but the best gift any parent can gift their child.
    Top notch conducive learning environment
    Dedicated staffs
    Academic Excellence
    Well mannered students
    ULWS simply the best!

  33. Oyelami Aminah

    University of Lagos Women Society Creche, nursery and primary school remains the best school so far. It is a HOME away from home.

  34. Michael Oluwakemi Deborah


  35. Olu Adekoya

    Role Model School. A School where exceptional leaders are being raised.

  36. Enikanosaye Faith Kehinde

    The foreshore school is one of the best in British education in Nigeria with my years of experience, commitment, dedication, cleanliness. The school is best of the best

  37. Olaitan Simbiat

    University of Lagos Women Society Nursery and Primary School is the best School in Lagos. They provide excellent and quality services. Pupils’ holistic development is the major priority of teachers.
    The cognitive, affective, and psychomotor areas of learning are balanced.
    The serene and aesthetic ambience makes learning fun and makes school a place to be.

  38. saadat odogun

    The Foreshore school is outstanding on all grounds!!!

  39. Prof Gladys Esiobu

    I vote ULWS Nursery and Primary school for the following reasons and more:

    The school curriculum : The school can be voted to have excellent curricula for it’s Nursery and Primary Schools.
    The teachers are well trained and vast in their implementations.
    Continuous Training of Teachers:
    The school operates yearly continuous training of the teachers. Quality of the Teachers:
    All the teachers are qualified.
    Teaching Resources:
    The Teaching Curricula used in the school are supported with the required teaching resources including use of various technologies relevant to the implementations of the curricula.

    School Environment:
    The school environment is serene , peaceful and beautifully mapped out for all students’ recreational activities including swimming pool.

    Children’s,’ Security and Safety;
    Security and safety of the children are among the top priorities of the school.

    Medical facilities beyond First Aids facilities in each class are provided by the University Health Centre adjacent to the school compound. Transportation is a top notch in the school.
    Sporting Activities:
    The school pays great attention to sports by organizing yearly Sport Competition s and many past pupils have moved on to make their marks in sports and various areas of mental and physical skills based on the headstart provided them by ULWS.
    In view of the above and much more, ULWS Nursery and Primary school deserved to win.

  40. Uche Ihensekhien

    ULWS is the best school their school curriculum is best for nursery and primary schools their teachers are well trained with good character and behavior. Security and safety of children are top priorities in the school. ULWS deserved to win

  41. Deborah Okougha

    The Foreshore School, Ikoyi is a school centered on a child’s well-being and quality education through love and kindness. With all happening in the world today, The Foreshore School is a safe place for any child.

  42. Precious Sunday

    I vote Foreshore School because of the students excellence performance. This is a nursery and primary school you can boost of the perculiar way its staff and administration do things.. The love and academic attention pour in its pupils are out of this world you can’t even compare.

  43. Esio Odiongenyi

    I am for Role Model School,👍


    The Foreshore School has wonderful
    Teachers who wonderfully show so
    Much care and love for the kids . I can’t say enough wonderful things about this amazing school . The school has a dynamic director who is so dedicated to the children . I would say the pricing compared to most schools around is an absolute value . The school is located in an amazing neighborhood.

  45. Wisdom

    The administration of the school is well reformed

  46. Mr. Ikechukwu Godwin

    Honeyland is the best school my children have ever attended. It’s a school that creates opportunities for pupils to prove their worths. In terms of management, they are doing excellently well. As far as I’m concern, no school does it better like Honeyland school

  47. Adeleke Munirat

    Vote for Honeyland montessori Schools

  48. Oguntona titilayo

    Honeyland is the best primary school

  49. Oguntona titilayo

    I’m proud of honeyland Montessori school

  50. Okuo patience

    Always updated and conscious of negligence.

  51. Mrs Adefajo Omotanwa

    Honeyland is still the best primary school in lagos state.

    1. Aliu Olasumbo

      Honeyland is best of best kudos , the environment is conducive for learning and the teachers are super 👌

  52. Alayande Adenike

    Honeyland is the best primary school in Lagos state

  53. Alice Okoya

    Honeyland schools, stands to be the Best school when it comes to accademic excellent, Morals not to talk of International stsndard set from the Top management downward. Well structured and sincerely following the Motto of the school, “Attracting Children from the Nations, Returning Leaders to the Nations “

  54. Owoeye Florence.

    Honeyland Montessori schools have always been the best among the best . They are schools dedicated for grooming reliable and responsible future leaders.

  55. Grace Fowora odunjo

    Honeyland Montessori school stands to be the best school in times of academic.

  56. Mrs Bada

    Honeyland Montessori is Tested and TRUSTED. They teach and apply real life examples. I love their standards its simply the BEST!!!

  57. Halimat

    Honey land school is the best

  58. Oresanya Oluwakemi

    Honeyland schools is the best

  59. Akanni Eunice

    Honeyland school is the best academically and morally. No school does it better.

  60. Abiodun Oduyemi

    Honeyland School is a citadel of learning with a proven track record of excellence. The numerous awards won by the school shows their distinction in academics. The school do not only concetrate on academics. They also discover the raw talents in the kids and develop them in a very unique way worthy of champions.

  61. Deborah James

    Hon. Kazeem Alimi Memorial Primary School is an academic outstanding citadel with great motivation 👏

  62. Olajide Afolami

    Masters Ville School is simply the best because it is a place of academic excellence social and moral standard.

  63. Iwalesin Lookman opeyemi

    Masters Ville school is the best primary school in Lagos state with qualified teachers and conducive environment for learning.

  64. Bolaji

    I appreciate the standard of Mastersville, thanks for keep the standard high

  65. Joyful Ogechi

    I give it to HONEYLAND SCHOOL any day, anytime .

  66. Mrs Egbinola

    Honeyland schools attracting children from different nations

  67. Adeoso Oluwatomisin O.

    Honeyland is a great citadel of learning.
    They attract children from nations and return them as exceptional leaders to nations.

    The best seen so far

  68. Akanbi fautg

    Honeyland school hold itself in high esteem and standards….empowering and raising future leaders…Give it to honeyland

  69. Adeleke Munirat

    Honeyland school is the best

  70. Fabayo olufunmilayo

    I consider Honeyland Montessori school as the best primary school based on their outstanding academic performance. They groom pupils to be self reliance, thereby bringing out the excellent spirit in them. They really keep to their mission statement of “Attracting Children from Nations and Returning Leaders to Nations”. Honeyland schools is simply the BEST.

  71. Perpetual Atohengbe

    I nominate honey land to be the best because they assist students to finding Thier rightful career parts and pushing them to never relent in achieving and attaining desired goals and results..

  72. Adewale Davies

    HONEYLAND SCHOOLS IS THE BEST. Attracting Children from Nations… Returning Leaders to Nations.

  73. Babajide Sikiru

    Honeyland Schools, highly respected trainer of future leaders.

  74. Obafemi Ojo

    Masters ville school is known for Acedemic excelent.

  75. Fagade Damilola

    Honey land school,because they impart knowledge to the students

  76. Atoba, Wakili Kunle

    Honeyland primary school is an academic and character builder.

  77. Bamikiya

    Hon. Kazeem Allimi memorial primary school is a school known for moral and excellence.

  78. Mrs Agoola Philomina Bola

    Hon. Kareem Allimi Memorial Primary School is a good school

  79. Lolade Akanbi

    Supreme Education Foundation School is a serene center of excellence designed to provide a stimulating learning environment as a co-educational and multicultural school.

    There is access to day, partial and full boarding options for students from age 7.

    It is a community where tribe of positive influencers are raised to transform every culture in service to God and humanity.

    The Teachers are competent in all they do with a caring spirit, highly creative in all honesty.

    I love Supreme Education Foundation School (SEF).

  80. Mrs Taiwo Ibilowo-Afolayan

    I have 3 fantastic product of SEF, I can testify to their unique achievements

  81. Semilore Somade

    SUPREME is the best school i know

    1. Divine

      Yes Semilore, It’s me Divine Owujie, you are very correct

  82. Divine

    Supreme schools, is what I’m going for, with great qualities and morals, it’s Supreme, Supreme is raising a tribe of leaders, VOTE SUPREME

  83. Divine


  84. Ayomide

    Sef is best

  85. Yetunde Bawala

    SEF all the way

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