1. Oderinde Abayomi

    It is a great program. I believe this will make schools around raise there standard. Chessington Montessori you have our support.

  2. Awofeso Adedayo

    The School should be given the award because it is a school with high standards.

  3. Kemi Lawal

    I love this school because of the curriculum of their academics. They ensure that students are exposed to various aspects of learning, they teach them from the early stage on how to speak in public-and thus build their confidence.

  4. John Oboh

    They adopt an exceptional approach to educational teaching and gives one-on-one attention par excellence to students needs beyond expectations.

  5. Bountiful Taiwo Adelan

    Chessington Montessori School is indisputably the best school is Agege with or without the award.
    Using any criteria of measuring a good school, Chessington standard is far beyond it’s location, it competes conveniently with A-list schools in highbrow areas beyond Agege.

    More greease to your elbow

  6. Yemi Black

    I love education, if we can have more of these events our education in Nigeria will be better

  7. Yemi Black

    There are 3 schoos here I would like to vote for, really confused.

    1. Bountiful Taiwo Adelan

      Please vote for chessington Montessori school

  8. Omobola Abolarinwa

    Things like this will make schools live up to educational standard. Knowing you will be rated will make straighten Nigeria education system. I vote for Chessington Montessori School. All the best all the way.

  9. Idiat Balogun

    Chessington Montessori School standard is incompareable among others. Very unique.

  10. ODELEYE-, Job

    Chessington Montessori School should get that Award due to her best Academic program, best Teachers in all Class Rooms and high Standard of Moral teaching impacting on their Students!. Its my believed that, if that Award is given to that School, the School Management would be justified for their standard which is equivalent to Secondary School within Agege. Thank you.

  11. Aderemi Murtala

    Fitrah children’s school is the best in all aspects

  12. Nabeelah

    Fitra children school deserve the award, intelligent teachers, accommodative environment for learning, good interpersonal relationships between staffs.

  13. Oyekunle Rasheed

    I voted for Fitrah Children’s School because the way and manner of teaching is second to none. From Reception to primary classes. They offer the best and conducive environment for pupils to learn. They teaches morals as well as good educational standard. Their students can take on any students from schools regarded a A-list schools anywhere. Fitrah Children School…. You have my vote


    Fitrah School deserve the award because of their broad based approach to educational advancement of our future leader through critical thinking with advance educational support system like ICT application, experience, competent school administrator and teachers.

  15. Ganiyat Abdulsalam

    I love fitra children’s school. They incorporate academics, morals,values and spirituality into their pupils. Ride on my sweetheart

  16. Shakirah Seriki

    Fitrah Children’s school, should get the award; its known for its best academic excellence, and moral uprightness.

  17. Yussuff ORIYOMI

    Fitrah Children School is my preferred school. A good blend of moral and conventional education. Education without character will lead the world into oblivion. Well-done Alfitra

  18. Kareem Fasilat

    Fitrah children’s school is the best for the award.It’s unique in its style of operations.Their school environment is conducive, teachers are qualified, dedicated,disciplined and every child is important in the school.

  19. Kareemat Idris-Popoola

    Fitrah Children’s School is second to none with or without award.

  20. Ameenah Disu

    Fitrah children school is the best. There they instinct the fear of God in the children. Their children are morally upright and academically sound. I love Fitrah school.

  21. Afuwape Kafayat A

    Fitrah Children school is indisputably the best around that zone. Good academic excellence with high moral standard. You got my vote!!!

  22. Laitan Yunus

    I voted Fitrah Children’s School because it is an inclusive school. It has both the visually impaired and the auditory impaired pupils. Other pupils relate with these pupils without any bias. Above all, all the pupils self esteem is highly sustained and guarded by all the staff. Regardless of her location, academic material and resources are at par with any A-listed school in the state.

  23. Ogunniran Hamdat

    Fitrah Children’s School is the best most especially in public speaking and building child’s confidence.

  24. Muslimah Gbajumo-Apampa

    I choose Fitrah School anytime, anyway because of the specialised way they follow strict educational ethics in their deliveries to the students they teach and mentor on one hand as well as their staffs and parents on the other hand. Beyond the sky is surely the limits here.

  25. Zaynab

    Fitrah for the win any day! Ride on Fitrah.

  26. Temi

    Fitrah children’s school is most deserving of this award.high standard of moral and academic excellence

  27. Simbiat atinuke balogun-olaniyan

    Fitrah have their own way on recognising students with challlenges and assisting them. I love Fitrah for the moral values they instill. In children. Lastly their teachers/non teaching staff are just like mothers to our children. Making the learning environment more interesting.

  28. bashad_kitchen

    fitrah children school is best primary school so far in agege local government I think they deserve dis award

  29. Adeosun Ganiyat

    I vote for fitrah children school. The school is known for her academic excellence, moral uprightness dedicated and qualified teachers, conducive learning environment amongst others.

  30. Misbahdeen Yusuf

    Fitrah school, my choice

  31. Misbahdeen Yusuf

    Fitrah Children School is my choice. It deserves the award due to academic,moral and extra curricular activities

    1. Misbahdeen Yusuf

      Fitrah Children School is my choice due to her academic, moral and superv extra curricular activities for pupils, staff and co-proprierors

  32. Sanusi Abiola idiat

    Fitrah Children School deserve the award.

  33. Olayokun Mutiu

    As far as I am concerned Fitrah Children’s School is the best. The achievements of the school so far speak Volumes. May God strengthen the management. I hope the organizers can dig deep on the schools achievements.

  34. Azeez Moshood

    I love Fitrah children’s school. Their administrators are highly dedicated.

  35. Salam Muideen Abiola

    I love this school because of the teaching methodology. God bless

  36. Bashir Maikano

    Fitrah Children’s school is the best.

  37. Sakiinah O. Amosu-Dikko

    It’s fitrah, and fitrah and fitrah Always fitrah Children School.

  38. Abdul Gafar

    It’s one of the best school within the vicinity

  39. Tijani olawumi nafisat

    Fitrah children’s school deserves the award.

  40. Rotimi Salau

    Fitrah Children School deserves the award. Beyond just easthetics which is the main basis of assessment for many, the school has the most important elements that make a good school – Quality Management/Leadership, highly qualified and experienced teachers, up to date learning tools and facilities and a broad based and robust curriculum. With all these, if the decision were left only to me, there would have no controversy or basis for voting, Fitrah will have it.

  41. oyin Lawy

    Chessington Montessori School is good academically and its incompareable to other schools.

  42. Mariam Abdul

    Fitrah children school is the place to be for that precious gem. They instill blend of moral, academic, spiritual, social and other values in the pupils.
    More power to your elbow!

  43. Falodun Nurudeen

    Fitrah children school is best around in Agege.Good academic work and high moral standard.u have my vote fitrah

  44. Tolu Alaofin

    Fitrah school is the place,the kids,teaching and non-teaching staff,the proprietress are one big family that gives you comfort and good learning citadel. Fitrah school you have my vote.

  45. ajb

    fitrah school!!!

  46. Ayinke

    Chessington deserves it

  47. Akintolu Sekinat

    Fitrah is the best that infuse independent in the children. Fitrah you are the best

  48. Adeosun Kafilat k

    Fitrah Children Schools.This Award is for you. You deserve it, The school is for Muslim parent who wants thier children to learn in a standard Islamic environment.The children’s confidence and public speaking is second to non.I love fitrah

  49. Ruqoyah lawal

    Fitra children school for the win. They are incomparable

  50. Yinka folami

    Fitrah school is the best. The teachers are very good and the teaching area is conducive

  51. Raliat Alimi

    Fitrah school’s Administrators continually work on improving learnings for themselves, teachers and students. They deserve the award.

  52. Lamina Omobola

    Fitra children school is the best primary school in Agege

  53. Akintunde Adesina

    Fitrah is one of the best schools in Lagos State, try it and see.

  54. Lukman Oladega

    Rose valley school is incomparable in terms of facilities and products

  55. Ajose Abimbola

    Fitrah ticks all the boxes for me. When you talk of academic, moral and religious teaching, they are second to none. There approach to teaching , quality of teachers and environmental design for academic purposes is top class.

  56. Sakina Adam

    My vote goes to fitrah children school,the school deserve this award because it’s pupils performance is outstanding academically and morally,its teaching staff have potentials on impacting knowledge to its pupils while the proprietress coordination is excellent.

  57. Bilqis Idris

    Fitrah school all the way

  58. Fatimahbinta

    Fitrah School have it all. Standard, moral,… best so far

  59. Adebayo omowumi

    Fitrah children’s school offers the best well rounded learning opportunities for our adorables ! Fitrah definitely deserves it !

  60. Omoloju Abdul Qaadir


  61. Rashidat Sanusi

    I vote Fitrah School any time!

  62. Khadijah abubakar

    My vote goes to fitrah school any day any time.They are second to none, academically good teachers and conducive learning environment.

  63. K. Monsur

    Fitra school. Keep it up

  64. Azeez Rihanat Ajoke

    In Agege community, Lagooz schools is the best in terms of teaching, exposure, moral, facilities and qualified teachers.

  65. Davies-Akinbo Nimah

    My vote goes to Fitrah Children’s School.The Standard is incomparable.


    LAGOOZ SCHOOLS is a great place to start with.

  67. Luqman Taiwo

    Fitrah all the way…

  68. Awonuga- Ismail Titilola Hanifat

    Fitrah school deserve the award

  69. Mrs Anyanwu Onyinyechi chidi

    Lagooz school still remains the best in Agege local government area Because Lagos has standard and qualified teachers in all subjects.Neat environment, trained staff with good approach .l love Lagooz school

  70. Kadiri Olufunmilayo Adebola

    Lagooz Schools is a total package international of child’s Education the Teacher’s are trained to build world class intellectuals.Lagooz children are trained to be great in any aspect they venture to in Life.Thank you.

  71. Bisiriyu Bukola

    Lagooz is a place like Home,the teachers are always ready to listen to you.They don’t get tired of your want.And this helps them assist every child in their area of needs academically. This attribute makes Lagooz stand tall in every year SSCE results.

  72. Consultant Mike

    Lagooz Schools is definitely a school of choice as the Management, Staff and even their students exude great confidence and high professionalism. The school boasts of state of the art equipment, hostel and powerfully dedicated staff. Small wonder their results are outstanding.
    It’s a blessing such a school is in this part of the world. Up Lagooz Schools

  73. Oyeronke Mojisola Adegbile

    My vote goes to Lagooz school for having an excellent academic curriculum combined with good ICT and extracurricular activities deliver in a balanced and highly stimulating way. This has resulted in excellent and high flying student performance.

  74. Adebayo Adenike Ayobami

    Lagooz schools stand out among all, simply because they build learners not just in term of academic but also spiritual and moral aspects of life. They give room for learners to practise their religions. Above all,they have conducive environment for learning and infrastructures such as CBT that enhances 21st century teaching/learning. Learners sign in and out and parents are been notified wherever they’re which gives parents maximum assurance of their wards safety. Also, they make parents, teachers and learners communication so easy through all Media means. Finally, Lagooz schools have standard and qualified 21st century educators who teach with passions and stand as Foster parents to the learners

  75. Bekisu Braimoh

    Lagooz schools is a school of excellence their curriculum is well strutured, Lagooz students are taught both morals and accademics.

    1. Maama Cassie Adeshina

      That’s right.

  76. Maama Cassie Adeshina

    As an educationist, it’s a given to ensure my child gets the best of education in line with the millennial changes. There’s no place else where that quality of education can be acquired within my present locality aside LAGOOZ SCHOOLS. It gives an all round education (and not just certification) in and out of the class in a serene environment. What else need say… LAGOOZ gets the win any day, anytime from me. Weldone!

  77. Mrs Ibijola Glory

    Lagooz is the school we are talking about when it comes to the building of a child. They build the children intellectually, socially and even morally.this is the school I will advise all parents to have their wards in thank you.

  78. Onifade G.O

    Lagooz is the school

  79. Yusuf azeez

    Lagooz primary school is a school that embrace technology, it’s not about learning alon but world class standard.

  80. Prince Israel

    Lagooz schools it is
    Qualitative education
    Updated teaching facilities
    Engaging learning activities
    Seasoned teaching staff

  81. AY SHOW

    In Lagooz schools, high expectations are placed on students. The school has a broad range of packages tailored to fit students’ needs and the school context. Key indicators of the school effectiveness include staff providing stimuli, challenge and pace in facilitating students’ learning, and students’ voices being listened to and acted upon by the school. Lagooz schools have high aspirations for each child and believe that all children can and should achieve at least the agreed minimum standard for each key stage of learning.
    With variations controlled and actively tailored to individual students’ needs and aspirations, the intelligent use of assessment data, progress-tracking, target-setting and provision of support for students who are slipping behind are the varieties of strategies the school employs for raising achievement amongst learners.
    At the heart of all good to this outstanding school is good leadership and the support for, and development of, good and outstanding leaders which is crucial to the improvement and development of our beloved country Nigeria. God bless Lagooz schools.

    1. Olaonipekun Oluwateniola

      You are indisputably correct Sir!!! God bless Lagooz.

  82. Oderinde Hammed Olatunji

    Lagooz school is the temple of learning. It is there that children learn to differentiate between right and wrong, to read and enjoy what they read, the skill to manage their conflicts, the ability to modify their behavior, respect their elders and friends, be kind, compassionate, forgiving and good. They learn all this from their teachers who have these qualities and do not just ask them to be good. They make them understand, how to be good, by being good themselves. They never lose their patience, they do not scold, they just make them reflect over what they have done and what will be the consequences of their actions. Lagooz schools is just too supernatural to be described.

  83. Oluwabusola

    I stand with Lagooz Schools,Lagooz Schools will always be the best place to be,home of Excellence, with 21st century teaching and learning methodology,conducive environment, well trained 21st century teachers.

  84. Ige Olumuyiwa Mr.

    LAGOOZ SCHOOL is a school of choice equipped with the state of the arts facilities. It’s a school that caters for educational needs of her students in all ramifications and sets them on the path of success taking cognizance of the challenges of the dynamic world. I have no doubt in recommending Lagooz Schools to any parent who wants the best for their children.

  85. Abdulkareem sherifat,A

    Al hikmat school is the best in Agege as far am concern, alhikmat straight!

  86. Chris Nfiaji

    Lagooz is the best..the environment is very conducive, the teaching staffs are very qualified…the school have a very good scholarship scheme for indigent students and many more incentives.

  87. Ige Olumuyiwa Mr.

    LAGOOZ SCHOOL is a school of choice equipped with state of the arts educational facilities. Lagooz School caters for all educational needs of her students and sets them apart from the rest by giving her students qualitative learning experience necessary to make them cope with the dynamic world and also position them to be world leaders. I have no doubt in recommending LAGOOZ Schools for the award as the school thoroughly deserves it.

    1. Adeyemi Adetutu

      Lagooz is the best structure they are standard in education the teacher their are sound is the best choice up lagooz

  88. Oivet

    Lagooz Montessori is the best in academics,morals and co-curricular activities. UP LAGOOZ

  89. Princess

    Lagooz school is simply the best. From its physical structure,to its impact on our children not only morally but educationally we always find pleasure.
    Long live lagooz


  90. Akinde toyin

    Lagooz schools has best educational facilities, qualified and well trained teachers.at lagooz pupils and students are given good exposure to become leaders of tomorrow, reflecting the quality of well groomed child,at lagooz schools all pupil, students are important as such teachers are well equipped to take care of the need of all learner’s. With lagooz the future is sure to be brighter.

  91. Dr Adigun Ibironke Dominion

    Lagooz School is the best Primary school in Agege as far as I’m concerned, talking about structure put in place,(This is Fantastic!!), conducive environment, academics, Moral/value, facilities everyone interact with, training sessions organize everytime for both Students and Staff…. You will all agree with me that IF YOU ARE NOT TRAINED… YOU CANT BE TRACED.. Through these Training sessions, Educators at Lagooz School are exposed to the 21st Skills for teaching and Learning activities…. At Lagooz School lives are being Transformed, future leaders (Students) are being trained for Future Works… All activities carried out at Lagooz School are based on 21st Skills…… LAGOOZ SCHOOL IS THE BEST PRIMARY SCHOOL..

  92. Aiyenero

    Lagooz Schools is it.
    Where the children are raised to be patriotic world class leaders with proven integrity.

  93. Uloaku

    STAND UP FOR LAGOOZ SCHOOLS! The difference is in the results! Lagooz is raising a new generation of innovators. Those who will take science and technology by storm. In Lagooz you experience study beyond the walls. With Lagooz the future is here!!!

  94. Aiyenero

    Lagooz schools is it. Where the children are raised to be patriotic world class leaders with proven integrity

  95. Anikeanike

    For Affordability choose Lagooz
    For Quality Education choose Lagooz
    For Standard choose Lagooz
    Lagooz! Lagooz!! Lagooz!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend……

  96. Phil A.

    Lagooz schools has sure distinguished itself in moulding lives within Agege and its environs. The school has proven to be a reference point in child’s education. This is demonstrated by its efficient management, conducive learning environment, innovation and the quality of products churned out yearly. Little wonder, they produced 8As in the last WAEC examination. A feat only few schools in the nation have been able to achieve.
    Lagooz is definitely the school of
    first choice and Agege’s pride.

    1. Olaonipekun Oluwateniola

      Yes o! Up Lagooz!!

  97. Bamishigbin A.K

    Lagooz Schools is a school of excellence where the lives of children are raised to be great. Lagooz is famous for her qualitative teaching using the 21st century teaching methodology, well trained & qualified educators, conducive learning environment, great infrastructure to enhance learning… At Lagooz Schools, you get more than what you paid for. Up Lagooz!

  98. Bamishigbin A.K

    Lagooz Schools is a school of excellence where the lives of children are raised to be great. Lagooz Schools is famous for her qualitative teaching using the 21st century teaching methodology, well trained & qualified educators, conducive learning environment, great infrastructure to enhance learning. At Lagooz Schools, you get more than what you paid for. Up Lagooz!

  99. Oladeinde Olanike

    Lagooz schools is the best.


    Fitrah school ever best, tested and trusted.

  101. omobola olaore

    Alhikmat deserve this western education they are there spiritually they are there it is best of all. The school of the scholars

  102. Nanaiysha

    I choose Alhikma nursery and primary school. Not for school but for life.

  103. Debby Honest

    Lagooz is the place for a child to learn just simply the best in phonics you can’t beat them

    1. Olaonipekun Oluwateniola

      True that! No school can beat Lagooz pupils in phonics and diction. Tested, proven and trusted!!!UP LAGOOZ!!

  104. Mrs Olooto D.O

    1st and the best Lagooz all the way

  105. Mr Akeem

    Lagooz is awesome

  106. Rahimah Laraba Ahmad

    Fitrah school
    is a goal! masha Allah. keep up the good job Fitrah!

  107. Sadiq Lukman

    Al-Hikmat School is known for her moral & qualitative delivery of education. We take priority in our pupils’ future. We have produced doctors,lawyers,teachers and so on. Over 30 years in building lives; we are still standing at the top. The first Muslim primary school in Agege. Please Check your facts

  108. OKe Oluwashina Afolabi

    Lagooz school is place to be for every child that wants to get modern learning that will inspire future brightness.

  109. Dedeigbo Adebusola

    Lagooz schools is a school where lives of children are moulded to be great. Up Lagooz.

  110. Adeniran

    Lagooz schools is a school of excellence where the lives of children are raised to be great. Lagooz school is the best. Up Lagooz!!!

  111. Oivet

    Lagooz schools is the Best citadel for grooming the future leaders. They are the best in Academics, ICT training, morals and skill acquisition. I stand for Lagooz all the way.

  112. Dr David Akinde


    1st in ALL
    2nd to NONE
    Highest academic standard
    Highest moral standard
    Empowering extracurricular events/seminars etc.
    Excellent results yearly
    Many recognitions
    Multiple Awards winner
    Qualified, amiable staff
    Child friendly environment
    Ex-students excel in various universities
    Seamless staff-parents interaction
    Scholarship for the brilliant & indigent students.


    Vote ✔

  113. Iroegbulem chineme

    Lagooz school is a citadel of learning and a place to mould the life of your children both morally, Intellectually and above all it maintain a very high standards of learning

  114. Omowunmi Ayodele

    Lagooz school all the way. High quality education, with sound moral values. Top notch information communication technology and a very serene learning environment.

  115. Olaonipekun Oluwateniola

    With the most qualified and dedicated teachers in the State, the very best equipment and facilities you can find,a conducive environment and the most gifted species of students, Lagooz school stands out amongst all other schools anywhere in Lagos. The commitment to bring up well cultured and highly knowledgeable pupils is out of this world. Lagooz puts her all- financial,material and human resources -into producing world renowned pupils. Her academic prowess is unbeatable. Lagooz goes out of her way and out of the curriculum to provide her pupils with extracurricular activities that gives them an edge over all other students in the vicinity.There is one place you can get quality education from in Agege and that is Lagooz schools. Lagooz is undebatably the best school in Agege.

  116. Oyedele Faith

    Lagooz school is second to none. The best school in agege area to the core. Still loving it.

  117. Raheemah Adenike

    yes! a school should provide a qualitative education, an impeccable morals and should be enrich with different skills in teaching which Alhikmat school has it all. first Islamic school in agege, with knowledgeable teachers, A school that has produce a lot of achievers in this nation, A school that would bring out the best in ur wards, A school that doesn’t group it pupils according to personalities or social classes. many a school, but Alhikmat and others.

  118. Dr Boyeola Olaonipekun

    Lagooz Schools is the best in terms of structure, administration, standard education and even staff welfare. This makes their staff unrelenting in imparting valuable education into these pupils. Lagooz is second to none

  119. Raheemah Adenike

    yes! a school should provide a qualitative education, an impeccable morals and should be enrich with different skills in teaching which Alhikmat school has it all. first Islamic school in agege, with knowledgeable teachers, A school that has produce a lot of achievers in this nation, A school that would bring out the best in ur wards, A school that doesn’t group it pupils according to personalities or social classes. many a school, but Alhikmat first then others

  120. yekeen sofiyat

    Al- Hikmat school ever best in western and spiritual education for a child. they are their in ICT training, excursion, morals and skills acquisition they had produce scholars in most of the institutions and still producing more by God grace over thirty year of glory is not a joke religion school for your child because of your tomorrow .best school in Agege

  121. Aminat Adeyemi

    Al-hikmat nursery and primary school deserves it with her moral uniqueness and consistent standard in uplifting education with islamic undertone.

  122. Faruq

    Alhikmat should have it, owing to the fact of having more than 25yr academic excellence (base on track records), a pacesetter for other schools in Agege and beyond, a school known for impacting high moral and cultural value in students,……
    Alhikmat is not a school that groom students just for NOW, but FOR LIFE.

  123. Ayinla bukola

    Alhikmat school is a place of knowledge, talk of moral
    Talk of discipline
    Talk of integrity the school is the best, they teach their students away of life and hereafter, infact they provide extracurricular activities to their pupils which give them upper hand over all others school in the community. Alhikmat all way

  124. Abdulwaheed Akintayo

    I vote for All Hikmat school for their educational standard and moral values

  125. Faruq

    Alhikmat should have it, owing to the fact of having more than 25yrs of academic excellence (base on track record). The school is known for producing students of high moral and cultural value, always train her staffs through work shops and seminars to avoid obsolete, and embrace new teaching skills, for optimum yield from there student.

    Alhikmat is not a school that that groom students just FOR NOW but FOR LIFE

  126. Okube Kelechi

    Lagooz is the best school for your kids. Tested and trusted. Up Lagooz!

  127. Aisha

    Al hikmat School deserves this..
    The best training ground for future leaders

  128. Raheemah Abdulkareem

    Al-Hikmah School… My choice

  129. Oluwakemi Bellois

    My vote goes to Lagooz Schools, Lagooz Montessori is an outstanding school, where children are raised to be patriotic and with proven intergrity.Their teachers are tested ,sound, Certified and are outanding.in their various fields.Up Lagooz.

  130. Idris abass

    Alhikmat nursery and primary school all the way..

  131. Badru Hafsah

    Al hikmat nursery and primary school is the best. Going by their track records, school where where future leader are being trained and model to become scholars in every field of life.
    Al Hikmat Nursery and Primary School is the first and Best among the rest.

  132. Ajiha ruquyat ige

    My choice goes to Al hikmat school because is an outstanding school in Agege I luv it

  133. Ajibola Olaniran

    AlHikmat Nursery and Pry School have one of the best teacher and curriculum.
    They trained their student with the best teaching materials you can find anywhere in the world.
    Am in love with Alhikmat Nursery and Pry,School.

  134. Oluwatosin Aregbesola

    You want a total child training academically, morally, with the best required facilities, teachers, management and conducive environment, only one school should be thought of and that is LAGOOZ school. The school that deserves the award.

  135. Aregbesola Oluwatosin

    I vote Lagooz School. This is a school with the right management, teachers and required facilities to give your child the total training academically and morally.

  136. Ezema Sunday

    Lagooz School is outstanding copair to other private schools within and outside this zone.They will remain the best because of the academic excellence they have been impacting on their students.

  137. Mrs Ezema perpetual

    Lagooz teachers are more qualified than other private schoolteachers within and outside Agege.

  138. Isaiah Abiodun

    Lagooz School is one of the top private schools in Agege area of Lagos state, their curriculum is top-notch and I do have a friend’s kid attending the school. The ratio of pupils to the class teacher is quite good, they work tirelessly to bring out the best in a kid. Their teachers are proven with integrity, tested, and treat issues professionally.


      Thank God I chose LAGOOZ SCHOOLS cos ever since I enrol my son he has been doing great even beyond my expectations LAGOOZ schools is the best in and outside orile agege.

  139. Paul ibeziakor

    There is only 2 schools in agege, lagooz school and others. There is no comparison, lagooZ leads others follow.

  140. Osonaike

    Lagooz schools another word for exceptional services

  141. Yinka Shokunbi

    Lagooz school attends to each and every child’s peculiar needs and differences. The teachers are warm and friendly. All in a clean and conducive environment. Voting as many times as possible.

  142. Osonaike Elizabeth

    Think of quality teaching,qualified teachers, equipped laboratory, conducive learning environment think LAGOOZ. Up Lagooz

  143. Omoleye Soneye

    My vote goes to Lagooz

  144. Alh. Sulaiman

    The Fitrah children sch is established on a child centred teaching and learning process since it was established some years back and still waxing stronger every academic session without derail from her vision. It has more than capable personnel which determined and focused to let the teaching and learning be in total.


    LAGOOZ SCHOOL, lovely citadel

  146. Rasheedah Akintunde

    Al-Hikmah… the best school for moral and academic excellence

  147. Omitogun saheed

    Al-hikmat would be a great option to choose.always a good option right from the start.

  148. Mumin

    Al-hikmah is my choice because they have all it takes to mould and produce an all-round student in terms of western, moral and spiritual upbringings. Their products are always reckon with in the society.

  149. Abdulganiy Sulaimon

    I vote for Al-Hikmat Nursery and Primary School.

  150. Oyedele Faith

    Lagooz all the way. Best school in agege area. Wonderful teachers, environment, teachings, ICT, CBT centre many to mention. Lagooz indeed the best!!!

  151. Oyedele Akintola

    Lagooz all the way. Best school in agege area. Wonderful teachers, environment, teachings, ICT, CBT centre many to mention. Lagooz indeed the best!!!

  152. Oyedele Akintola

    Lagooz still remains the best.

  153. Adeyinka Bolanle

    lagooz achoola is the best in terms of caring,teaching with conducive environment.

  154. Adeola Olasunkanmi

    Lagoos to my best knowledge, is one and top best schools in Agege environment.

  155. Ahmed Alaofin

    As much and long that I bear children, Fitrah Children’s School would continue to be my option and preference, Fitrah is the best school in all. Thank you.

  156. Sunday Rachel

    lagooz Montessori is the best school in agege.

  157. Mbalu Tina. O.

    Lagooz deserves the award based on the following ,high standard and superb curriculum, great learning environment,raises patriotic world class leaders with proven integrity

  158. AbdulWasiu Olatunji

    AL-HIKMAH ALL THE WAY. If quality & comprehensiveness of education, integrity of delivery & teachers, experience and achievements are criteria, then no school in Agege can stand Al-Hikmah nursery & primary.

  159. Lawal Nafisat

    Fitrah Children’s School. Always arousing curiosity in her pupils. Qualified and up-to-date personnel. #ISTANDWITHFITRAH#

  160. Olayokun Mustapha


  161. Lawal Nafisat

    Fitrah Children’s School. Always arousing curiosity in her pupils. Qualified and up-to-date personnel. Inclusive learning environment. #ISTANDWITHFITRAH#

  162. Akinyemi habibat

    FITRAH school is the best

  163. Ayeye tokunbo

    Fitrah children’s school is a great school

  164. Audulah O Philips

    Among all the schools in Lagos, Lagooz is always first of its kind. Great Lagooooooz!

  165. Ibramovic

    Al-Hikmat school is the best school in Keke agege
    Forward ever , backward never

  166. Bassey Gabriel

    lagooz Montessori is the numero uno in Agege.Condusive learning environment and professional hands on deck to mould our future leaders are some of the strong attributes of this great institution.

  167. Dr Joseph-Oluwayemi Ayodele John-JP

    Lagooz school is just the best for their accademic curriculum,serene environment,ICT, wonderful teachers etc. A citadel of accademic excellence for future leaders.

  168. Mistura Afekhuai

    Lagooz school is the best it is filled with sufficient learning facilities which will help children alot I repeat once again Lagooz is the best

  169. Alh Abdullahi

    Al hikmat school is the best in age.

  170. Mr malliours

    Al hikmat school is the only school I ever knew as the best in agege forward ever backward never.

  171. Sokoto gudali

    LAGOOZ SCHOOL is a school of learning and teaching

  172. Taibat Saliu

    Fitra children school is just outstanding.

  173. Taibat Saliu

    Fitra children school is just outstanding…their teachers are just too good.

  174. Samad

    If it’s not Fitrah school, then it’s not the standard I personally crave!

  175. Samad Ag

    If it’s not Fitrah school, then it’s not the standard I personally crave!

  176. Samad Ag

    Fitrah school all the way!

  177. Amosu Olubunmi

    Fitrah children school is the best. They deserve the award. Their teachers are too good as well as their pupils, in academic aspect they are superb. No school in agege can compete with them. Fitrah children school are just too good. They deserve the award pls. Ride on FITRAH CHILDREN SCHOOL

  178. Oyiza munirat

    Fitrah deserves the award. The ways and manner of teaching is second to none. In fitrah you are assure of fear of God and good morals. #Istandforfitrah#

  179. Junaid O. T

    If Agege is the standard for setting for up schools in Lagos, Fitrah children can be said to be in the right location. You can’t beat it, just use Fitrah as basis to step up. Thumbs up fro the management

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